PHI—1000: Knowledge, Reality, Self

Each word of the course title—knowledge, reality, self—provides a guiding question: What can I know? What is real? Who am I?

I introduce and discuss each of these questions in detail by studying some of the decisive approaches and answers in the history of philosophy, from the ancient Greeks to the great thinkers of the twenty-first century. The engagement with these philosophers provides the opportunity not only to understand their most significant ideas, but also to see how these ideas are essential for understanding our ways of thinking in the modern world.

I have also taught an accelerated version of this course, designed for continuing students, as well as an online version.

Download a sample syllabus here.

Jacques-Louis David, La mort de Socrate (1787)
Jacques-Louis David's painting of Socrates' death

PHI—2410: Philosophy of Sex and Love

This course provides an interdisciplinary approach to topics in the philosophy of sex and love, which includes investigations of sex, gender, sexual identity, marriage, love, birth, and the body through philosophical, historical, and socio-cultural sources.

In the most recent iteration of the course, students published their final papers in a digital book, entitled, Ars Erotica, sex, gender, identity, & love: an anthology.

The cover of this book is pictured here.

Authored by the students of PHI—2410, Spring Semester 2015
Ars Erotica book cover